American Girl Paper Doll Extra Outfits

Until the revamp of the American Girl Games website, there was a flash game that allowed users to dress up the Historical Characters of the time. Once successfully completed, an option was given that allowed the user to download a printable sheet of one unique extra outfit. This game was later pulled when the Play Scenes and Paper Dolls came out and so are no longer available on the website. I was able to get them all and am offering them to the AG community.

These are .pdfs, which require Adobe Reader to open. They print on standard letter size (8.5 x 11") paper and fit the style of paper dolls of the first and second individual releases. These will not fit the Play Scenes and Paper Dolls sets or the Original Historical Paper Dolls (from the portfolios) unless they are scaled down.

Images copyright American Girl, LLC. These are offered for informative purposes only.