You say po-tay-to, I say Po-tah-to...

Umbreon or Espreon?

Simple enough. Which one should you raise? After all, you only get one Eevee in the game, right? Well, you only get one from Bill. But with the miracles of breeding, you can raise both. Either get a female (a one in 8 chance, so save before and cut it off and on till you get what you want) or breed your male with an Eeve and hope. That's what I'm doing myself--I have both in my Crystal game. But I'm here to compare and contrast. Umbreons don't get really wonerful dark moves, like Crunch. They do get Mean Look (which forces an opponent to stay there) and Feint Attack (which always hits). And since Bite is a dark move, if your Eevee learns it (like mine did) you're covered with an Espeon. However, I have to admit that Umbreons have really bad attack, both special and normal, and are fairly slow. But they make up for it with sweet defense all over. Esperons are practically the opposite. High Special and high speed. But normal attack and normal defense are rather low.

But there's one thing that makes me like Umbreons more, and it's not the sweet coloring. It's one simple thing. All those twits who use Mewtwo and rely on Psychics are useless. A pure Dark Pokémon will look at Mewtwo performing Psychic and yawn, then kick his ass. Gotta love a dark Pokemon.

Burakki or Umbreon?

Yes, the first debate. Which name is liked better? I know a lot of people who eould rather call it a Burakki, and a lot who easily slipped into Umbreon. Personally, I prefer the English name, due to the fact it's easier to pronounce.And there was never any debate over the first 151 Pokémon because we didn't know their names. So we shouldn't fuss. I interchange between them on certain ones, and on others I use the English only.

More Umbreon related Debates later. Maybe.

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