Go forth and thinketh of stuff.


Well, I like to explain my site names. After all, it takes talent to think of a creative site name. Or as least good word play. Lucky me, I didn't do either this time. =P I used the name of the Dark Item in the game. There's a guy in a cave between Mahogany and New Bark, and when you sneak up on him, he sys something about being surprized and gives you the Dark Glasses (Black, Dark, yah yah) to shut you up. They Power up Dark moves. I happene to keep mine on my Umbreon, Zephyr, so I named my little mini-shrine after that. ^^


Umbreon = A black pokemon with yellow markings. Nuff said.


Look at my main site, Spenecial.com. I really hate to re-explain myself.

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